Twitter is looking to extend its character limit beyond 140 characters, a tech news website has reported.

Re/code quoted sources saying the social media giant hopes to reverse its slowing user growth with the new development. While it’s unknown what the feature will look like, sources say it will enable Twitter users to publish long-form text to the site.

A first of its kind for the little blue bird.

But not everyone is happy, in fact, unhappy comments are almost more widespread than the proposition itself. Protective of their domain, an array of twitter users took to the platform to voice their disapproval.

But not everyone agreed.

Twitter isn’t the only sharing platform that may receive a facelift. Last week, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased the online community by saying Facebook could adopt a “dislike” button. But the idea was short-lived. Zuckerberg soon corrected snowballing rumours that disliking would become a reality.

Instead, the tech CEO said it would create an empathy button and that disliking “wasn’t the kind of community we want to create”.

Here’s the video evidence – theory debunked. – Jessica Ankomah

Top photo by Sarah Allen.