With winter well and truly upon us Laura Foggetti looks at this season’s trends guaranteed to keep you chic while escaping the chill.

Warm, comfortable clothes are not always fashionable, so dressing up a winter outfit can be difficult. But who says easy-to-create, comfortable-yet-stylish winter outfits are impossible?

The current winter must-haves for 2016, according to New York Fashion Week and high-end designers like Prabal Gurung, J.Crew, Michael Kors and Libertine, are well-made faux fur coats and long-line cardigans.

The freeze on fur coats appears to have lifted with fur making an appearance all over the world, from off-duty models such as Kendall Jenner to fashion bloggers running errands.

In fashion spreads and on the catwalks it is almost as ubiquitous as the long-line cardigan. 

This is a fairly new trend, which can be daunting when first trying to style the garment, as individuals are often unaware of how it should be worn. In order to wear it to its best effect and show off a successful stylish winter outfit, there is one secret that works every time – layering.

Layering consists of wearing multiple staple items that are mostly plain and simple, and then bringing the whole outfit together with the outer garment. Instead of wearing a plain T-shirt under a luxury coat or sleek long-line cardigan, consider wearing a sleeveless knit paired with a large loose scarf and then dressing up the outfit with – yes, you guessed it – a fur coat.

For functions or events where your outfit has to be more formal, consider wearing a co-ordinate midi skirt with a crop top (white or black works best) with a camel-coloured long-line cardigan or natural-coloured fur.

Fur coats and long-line cardigans can be paired over jeans, especially distressed denim, and leather leggings for a more relaxed, casual look.

And when making your selection, look for colours that are in for the season – the classics of white, black and grey, along with blush pink and khaki.

It is also worth mentioning the dating fashion trends to steer clear of this winter. Printed leggings, baseball jackets (note not bomber jackets), Peplum tops and wedge sneakers will not be making an appearance for those with a true fashion conscience.

Now to the featured outfits that are effortless, yet super stylish.

Outfit One –  The Fur: Dark denim jeans paired with ankle boots with a black fur coat from Unreal Fur. You could pair this outfit with non-platform black heels for extra luxe.


Co-ordinate outfit with fur coat.


Coat – Unreal Fur $300; scarf – Louis Vuitton $550; jeans – Wrangler $139.99; boots – Wanted Shoes $99.99.

Where to Buy:

Affordable fur coat: boohoo.com $60.00.

Mid range Fur coat: Cheap Monday asos.com $113.00.

Luxury fur coat: Unreal fur $300.00 (in image).

Outfit Two –  The Cardigan: A black long-line cardigan with cigarette pants give a sophisticated touch to any outfit, paired with nude/black boots or flats to complete.


Casual long-line cardigan outfit. Replace heels with sneakers or flats/sandals.


Long-line cardigan – Glassons $39.99; top – Decjuba $59.99; pants – Showpo $75; boots – Wanted Shoes $99.99; Clutch – Mimco $99.99.


Where to Buy:

Affordable long-line cardigan: boohoo.com $24.

Mid-range long-line cardigan: Glassons $39.99.

Luxury long-line cardigan: Weathered $200. Laura Foggetti

Top photo from Iabella-instagram.